March 11, 2019 / cindybthymius

Mallards Croft March Wedding

I can’t believe today marks the TWO year anniversary of this amazing couple, and I think it’s way past time I blog about their fabulous wedding at Mallards Croft.  Mallards Croft is a fantastic wedding venue located just outside of Memphis, TN.  If you are looking for a rustic wedding venue that has a barn, wooden cross, a bridal house for the girls, and house for the guys, then you have found it at Mallard’s Croft. In fact, I heard they are breaking ground on a glass chapel later this year. Ok…exciting!

Rachel and Shaun are like the perfect couple. Aside from the fact that I have LITERALLY known Rachel’s family since we moved here! It’s been wonderful seeing her fall in love with such a kind and caring young man. These two Godly people make my heart smile! I know their parents have to be so proud of them.

One of the most important “take-aways” from Rachel and Shaun’s wedding day was the weather. Every bride (and groom) wants a beautiful sunny day. March did not give that to us. Araceli (Rachel’s mom) and I talked earlier that week, and we knew rain was going to come. So, like any good prepared people, we planned for it. Cue the clear umbrellas my friends! Rachel, Shaun, and the entire family and bridal party handled this like PROS. The rain didn’t stop the joy. All it did was move the ceremony location indoors, but that was ok. The love continued, the celebration was joyous, and a good time was had by all.

I look back at these photos and remember how calm and joyous Rachel was on this day. It’s a good reminder that sometimes you can’t change your circumstances, but you can control how you react to them.

I’m so happy for Rachel and Shaun and all the blessings they have celebrated since this day. I hope I get to share more of those with them!

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Blessings and Peace,