May 27, 2010 / cindybthymius

Memphis Couple Portraits, Memphis Pet Portraits

Ok…I have to brag on the husband in this post a little bit!  He planned ahead and purchased a gift certificate for portraits for his wife for Christmas!  This couple epitomizes smartness and preparedness because she knew to call several months ahead and book her Saturday spring portrait date!  They have two dogs, and what are family photos without their doggies???  I just LOVED working with this couple!!  We had so much fun that day working with the dogs, traipsing around, and taking photos.  Although they’ve been married for quite some time, their love is so apparent.  I had soooooo many favorites that I couldn’t possibly narrow them down for a blog post…so I didn’t!  Oh, and Mrs. H was so happy with the portraits, she called me up later the same week and asked me to take her corporate headshots for her new job in downtown Memphis.  Oh….I just *heart* my clients!

Blessings and Peace,