March 8, 2010 / cindybthymius

Memphis Lifestyle Family and Children Portrait Photographer

This next post features a great family that lives in East Memphis. One thing I love about my career is the variety of families I am able to photograph. In my mind, the client is always right! I am able to do what I love because families hire me to capture what THEY want not necessarily what *I* want. Often clients will pick me for my vision, and that is a huge compliment! However, I feel it is ALWAYS important to give the clients what THEY want while incorporating my own style and twist. Some families prefer the more traditional posed look while others go for a more contemporary, unposed, free style of photography that truly captures LIFE. This style may not always capture families looking at the camera. This post features the more contemporary Memphis lifestyle photography because that is what the client wanted. I had so much fun capturing exactly what she wanted, and I think we made an excellent team that day capturing images that represented her family. I’m looking forward to seeing her again real soon *wink* When I picked the images to blog, somehow I just fell in love with all the black and white ones!

Blessings and Peace!