May 8, 2010 / cindybthymius

Midsouth Spring Portraits and Southern Hospitality!

I’ve known this sweet family ever since I moved to Shelby County in 2007.  And, if you want to know the truth, this is one moment I first learned about Midsouth’s Southern Hospitality… Since I was new in town and knew practically no one, Mrs. H and her friend Mrs. B heard from a friend (who was friends with one of my friends in South Florida–got that?) that we had recently moved here.  Mrs. B called me up (not knowing me from anyone), and invited me for coffee at Target.  Talk about Southern Hospitality at its finest!  We all became fast friends!  Although I don’t quite meet these sweet friends as I often as I would like for coffee at Target due to time restraints (thank goodness for FB!), I am so thankful I know them and they reached out to me!  During this time, they learned I was a professional photographer, and I’ve been photographing these darlings ever since!  It was the perfect morning for spring portraits when we met up at the Memphis Botanic Gardens.  EVERYTHING was in bloom.  God’s hand truly was at work.

Blessings and Peace!